I will admit it – I am a neat freak.

And getting a dislike of home dirt when living in the nation is, let's say, a bit difficult.

Living in a nation home when creating a self-adequate life-style can invite a lot of dirt, muck and clutter – not so comfy for an individual who likes points clean and orderly. Then there is the greatest challenge of living in a tiny rural household – the lack of space. All these beekeeping books and rural living magazines have to go someplace. Without having some consideration paid to storage and organizing, the home could get extremely cluttered extremely promptly.

So how does a neat freak keep sane living in a nation household, without the need of spending hours a day cleaning or totally providing up, living in filth and tripping endlessly more than clutter?

There are unquestionably a couple of tricks, and I'd like to share a couple of of them with you. I've arranged them by subject primarily based on the points I come across myself cleaning and organizing most normally in our cabin in the woods:

Floor Dirt

It goes without the need of saying that a home surrounded by gardens and gravel will finish up with dirt inside. But there is a way to maintain it in verify without the need of getting to haul out the vacuum just about every day.

Get a basic Asian broom (these appears nicer and perform far better than the plastic selection) to do a every day sweep, and buy a couple of colourful cotton and hemp rugs in strategic spots on the floor that you can conveniently shake outdoors, then throw in the wash when they get dirty. I like wool rugs – I've got a couple of beautiful ones in storage – but they are just not sensible… unless you have a penchant for dry cleaning bills. And it goes without the need of saying that footwear should really keep outdoors or go in the armoire.

Lastly, an efficient, eye-catching doormat outdoors the front door – 1 you can wash – tends to make a large distinction to the quantity of dirt that ends up inside the home. With these techniques in spot, I am not regularly washing the floor, which is good, mainly because there are a lot of other points I'd rather do with my time!


If there is 1 issue that shocked me about moving to a home in the nation, it was the cobwebs. They look to spring up instantaneously right after vacuuming. In reality, final fall, we definitely did not want Halloween decorations. The cobwebs seems so promptly and so fiercely that it was all I could do to maintain them from weaving themselves into new drapes. Leave the 'clearing' for two days and I was living on the set of a horror film.

So how does 1 battle the webs of armies of spiders you cannot see? I guess you could get rid of the spiders, but I type of like the reality they are on patrol, catching all the other bugs that could truly do harm (ants, moths, wood bugs). I will not use toxic insecticides, anyway, so I am sort of stuck with them.

The ideal way I've identified to deal with the cobweb draperies is with 1 of these cylindrical dusters (wool or polyester) attached to a telescoping manage you can get at most hardware shops. This enables you to attain up to the peak of cathedral ceilings – way beyond exactly where the vacuum can attain. Then just vacuum the duster off right after every single clearing. The cylindrical duster operates good for flat walls, but not so nicely on rough, hand-hewn logs, so for the walls I use the flat floor attachment on the vacuum. This keeps us fairly nicely cobweb cost-free for most of the year – in the fall, I just have to do double duty… or pretend we reside on a film set.


Creepy crawlies creep a lot of men and women out. When we 1st moved into our cabin, we have been locating cave crickets in the oddest locations, and there have been wood bugs everywhere. Possibly it was a 'spring' issue, but right after living right here for awhile, and enabling the spiders to do what spiders do, we look to have much less and much less bugs. We do, having said that, get huge brown home spiders that give me the willies. They have a habit of crawling on the ceiling correct above the bed as we're going to sleep at evening. Needless to say, I've turn into a bit of a spider wrangler – into a plastic bucket with a piece of cardstock to maintain them from escaping and outdoors they go.

Sealing up any insect access points, maintaining meals safe and guaranteeing there is no rot in your household will go a lengthy way in maintaining the bugs at bay. Lastly, screen doors are vital in our mosquito infested corner of the globe, and they maintain out the flies and other flying bugs. I bought some affordable wood screen doors that match with the appear of the cabin, and they've been much more than sufficient for the job. Living in the city, we just did not have a lot of bugs. Flies, and the odd ant, but that was about it. In the nation, it really is a entire other story.


I've written previously about mice in the home, so will not expand on it (you can study the original write-up Minimizing Your Kitchen's Attraction Issue right here). That stated, do know that mice are ubiquitous in the nation, and that they are truly sort of cute. Messy, but cute. Most effective way to maintain them from producing a mess in your home is to make certain something edible is sealed up, vacuum on a regular basis, verify drawers and other locations they could attempt to nest, and never discourage predators like owls, hawks and other animals who like mouse snacks. Of course, if you have chickens, some of these predators may possibly not be welcome, but that is a balancing act for one more write-up. Some have recommended peppermint in sachets or peppermint important oil in the corners mice frequent, but I have not attempted that but.


If you are fortunate adequate to have a bigger household in the nation, this will not be as significantly of an challenge, but even nevertheless, living on a homestead can imply collecting books, storing meals, and maintaining your toolshed stocked with additional handles and gear. If you are a neat-freak like me, you want a program and a approach of maintaining it all organized. Inside, use baskets, armoires, and below-stairs storage to maintain tiny products each concealed and conveniently accessible.

Outdoors, use storage sheds full with hangers, racks and shelves for meals and tool storage.

Bottom line – the much more stuff you have, the much more time and power it requires to appear right after it. I truly come across it a blessing to reside in a tiny household, as it keeps me from collecting stuff I never want.

Even although maintaining a nation home clean and organized is a bit of a challenge, in particular when storage space is at a premium, it really is nicely worth the work. And by following some of the recommendations listed above, it really is simpler than you could envision.